Affiliation no. 230131

CBSE School


We  enroll students in Pre- Nursery for three months (Jan- March) only and sent to Nursery in the new session from April.


Pre- Nursery- 2.5 yrs & above

Nursery- 3.00 yrs & above

LKG 4.00 yrs and above

UKG 5.00 yrs and above

Admission process begins for pre- nursery from the month of October and the session begins from the 1st Week of January every year


Registration : Collect the Prospectus, Application Form and Fee Details from the school office


Submit the Application Form with three passport size photographs of the Child and one each photograph of both the parents along with the Fee.


There will be three major holidays in a year viz., the Summer Vacation for 2 months, the Puja Vacation for ten days and the Winter Vacation for three weeks . For all the three Vacations the boarders should be taken home.