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CBSE School


Students of St. Xavier’s school are expected to comport themselves in a manner befitting the school and their families as a reflection of their upbringing. While corporal punishment is not practiced in school, an innovative system of appreciation and reward, psychological punishments and pecuniary fines with punitive action is in place to encourage students to adhere to rules and regulations.


FINES will be levied strictly if any students found guilty of violating the Rules & Regulation of the school

Special Fine Includes:

            Improper Uniform

            Damage of School property

            Usage of intoxicating items

            Running out of School & Hostel without permission and hamper the prestige of the school and students as a whole.

            Fights among peer- groups.

            Dis-respects to Teacher and Authorities

            Wastage of Food, Water, Electricity

            Indiscipline Classroom, Play- ground, Dining room, Field- trips etc.


Given the dignity and respect due to all humans regardless of age and status, St. Xavier’s School, expects from its inmates, among other things, to………

•          Be polite and courteous in conversation and all forms of interaction

•          Dress smartly and maintain a posture that conveys a sense of alertness

•          Use the words ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ as far as possible

•          Be humble and refrain from being boastful or arrogant in word or action

•          The first to volunteer help or assistance to those who need it

•          Be kind and compassionate to people and animals

•          Be truthful and honest, even about a wrongdoing

•          Stand up for what is right

•          Obey teachers, parents and older persons

•          Assume responsibility for all that they say and do

•          Protect the weak and vulnerable

•          Guide youngsters to do what is right

•          Be a role model by leading through example


a.         Students seeking mid-session transfers on any grounds whatsoever, are required to clear all school / boarding fees up to the end of the session.

b.        Parents / guardians must first submit a letter of intent to the office following which, they will be required to submit Clearance Forms, Complete in all respects, along with the prescribed fee to obtain a transfer certificate for their child/ ward.

c.         Transfer Certificate will be issued only after the ‘No Dues Certificate’ has been countersigned by the Hostel Warden and the accounts section.


A pupil’s name may be struck off the school rolls on the following grounds:

a.         Consistent failure to pay fees by due date.

b.        Absence from school for 30 consecutive days without permission from / intimation to the school.

c.         Two successive failures in any class.

d.        Gross misconduct causing damage to School goodwill, reputation or property.

e.         Parents and guardians are urged to co-operate with the school authorities by ensuring the punctuality, regularity and discipline of their wards, specially with regard to remission of fees and visiting policy.

Children / wards of parents demonstrating unruly or aggressive behaviour risk being dismissed without further recourse. St. Xavier’s School is an alcohol and tobacco-free campus. Parents are urged to adhere strictly to this norm.


1.        The official language on campus is English.

2.        Students are expected to be neat and tidy in their living and maintain good personal hygiene; they are expected to be responsible for their own belongings.

3.        Any damage made to school property by a student, must be made good and any expenses incurred to defray the cost of such repairs are to be indemnified by the student’s parents/guardian.

4.        Students are not allowed to conduct any collection drive for any reason whatsoever, without the prior and written permission of the Principal. Staff members are prohibited from accepting gifts from students or their families.

5.        Stealing, physical violence, use of intoxicants etc. are considered grave offences; students indulging in such acts face immediate suspension or dismissal.

6.        Eatables bought from outside are not permitted in the school.

7.        Students dismissed from school automatically stand dismissed from hostel and vice versa.

8.        Fees once remitted will not be refunded under any circumstances. This, however.

9.        Upto20% of the fees maybe increased every year.

10.      All terms and conditions set forth in this Prospectus, including fees and dues etc are liable to revised whenever necessary without any prior information.

11.      A list of stationery, school uniform, clothing, toiletries and linen necessary for boarders and day scholars is available in the office and will be issued upon admittance of the pupil.

12.      The school has a centralized purchase norm to maintain uniformity and ease matters for students’ families.

13.      Other than compulsory items like uniforms, text books, stationery etc., other items (toiletries etc.) may be selected on the basis of personal preference.