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CBSE School

Fee Structure Is Available In The Office


Registration, a pre-requisite for admission, is carried out upon payment of a non- refundable registration fee. Applications complete in all respects must be submitted with requisite documents listed in the form.


a.         Four recent passport-size colour photographs of the candidate

b.        Attested photo copy of applicant’s birth certificate

c.         Original Transfer Certificate signed by the Head of the institution last attended and documents in support of his / her having passed the qualifying examination.

For outstation students the TC should be countersigned by the District Education Officer.


There shall be 4 periodic test and 2 Terminal Examinations for Class I –VIII besides the weekly tests. 20% marks each from the periodic tests, copy maintenance, subject Enrichment activities with the marks of the Term- I & II Examination out of 80 shall be the marks of the Promotion. No pupil will be allowed to sit for the Final Examination if his/ her attendance during the year is below 80%. Pupils absent from examination without grave reasons will be considered as having failed. Use of unfair means during examinations will be dealt with severely. The Principal’s decision will be final in all matters of promotion or failure. A pupil who fails for two years in succession will not be allowed to continue in the school.


All the students should have Proper School Uniform failing which they will not be allowed to attend the classes. Parents should see that when they come to keep their children in the boarding bring the boarders outfit as per the specifications.

1.        Parents must ensure that their wards are in proper school uniform. There are separate uniforms for summer and winter and different days as per the activities.

2.        Along with the uniform the child is required to wear Black shoes and White socks. Socks and shoes of any other colour are not allowed.

3.        Boys are expected to have a neat haircut and in case of girls the hair should be tied back with Blue/White ribbon.


The programme is organized in three stands:

1.         Support and enrichment classes for students who wish to improve their academic performance.

2.        A variety of hobby clubs, activities and interest-based pursuits ranging from the visual and performing arts to self-defence and contact sport, from adventure activity or to creative writing and poetry. Yoga, Meditation and Taek-wando (Martial Art) are being taught compulsorily.

3.        A range of sports activities and professional coaching sessions based on an individual’s aptitude for the pursuit of his/her choice. The Sports like Football, Basketball, Baseball and Vollyball etc.