Affiliation no. 230131

CBSE School


The First Sunday and 3rd Saturday of every month is designated as “Visiting Day’. This system is introduced to ensure that students do not feel homesick and can devote time and attention to school activity with a minimum distraction. Only parents/guardians and individuals authorized in writing by the former are permitted to meet the student on campus.


•          The School office is fully functional on visiting days to deal with any administrative or accounting matters that parents might like to take up.

•          All visitors are required to enter their names along with the time of entry and exit in the visitors’ log book.

•          Parents/guardians are required to carry their visiting card on visiting days. Any person(s) other than the visitor with the visiting card is required to bring a letter of introduction and requisition duly signed by parent. Those not complying with this requirement will not be allowed to meet the student for security reasons.

•          Under no circumstances will a student be allowed to leave the campus for any rescuers whatsoever with any person other than the parents. If parents are authorizing any individual to accompany a student off the campus, they must do so in writing and obtain clearance from the School authorities.